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April 25, 2007


Nate's Biggest Fan

Yeah, American Idol blows this year. Blake is cute and talented, but he's only all that when he sings his type of music. Otherwise he looks like someone who's friends made them get up and sing karaoke. Chris....who cares if he can sing, is he good in bed? :) Lakisha....BORING. Melinda....BORING. Phil....Noferatu and BORING. Jordin -- first of all, learn to spell your name right and yes, you should win this show. Last nights charity episode was the worse. Even in the hut of a dying African woman, Simon and Ryan couldn't muster up the tiniest bit of compassion. It was horrible. Then the little boy who has no parents starts to cry and Ryan awkwardly hugs him and says, "It's gonna be alright." WTF? Maybe for you closet case rich boy! You'll go back to your air conditioned hotel room, then back to your Bel Air Mansion and this kid will still be living in poverty without parents. It was one of the worst stage, contrived and forced charity shows I've ever seen.


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Yum Yum So so very very cute! I wish could have been there...You booth turned out so darling. I'll be in touch....I'm glad Elliot made it to market's so good to see he's still around, love the tux.


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